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A stirrup is a light frame or ring that holds the foot of a rider, attached to the saddle by a strap.

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Stirrup Irons

Rubber rings made for peacock safety stirrups

Certified stainless steel stirrup irons

Lightweight, balanced safety stirrup with a toe cage.

These stirrup irons are Nickle plated and made for children

These stirrup irons rubber covered , hinged and stainless steel

These stirrups are stainless steel and are very rust preventative

These stirrups have flexible joints or legs that help reduce impact on riders' joints and knees

Safety stirrup with a polypropelene front toe cage. This ensures that the foot cannot slide through and get caught. These sstirrups are lightweight and strong.

Aluminium, very lightweight stirrup, wich has a broadbase for extra grip and security

These stirrups are made with aluminium, they are a lightweight stirrup that has a broadbase for extra grip and security. The stirrup comes with a cup to keep foot from slipping through the stirrup

Broad based wide polymer stirrup irons, with an attached plastic cage to prevent your foot getting caught in the stirrup in the sace of a fall.

Angled slanted tapered aluminium horse saddle stirrups leather