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These flymasks have been designed to cover the horse's whole face excluding the nose, they are made to protect your horse from flies and other insects. It is made of a heavy duty plastic shade cloth which wears well and aids in sun protection. Sizes: Cob, Full and Pony

Grass/Daisy Reins

The crupper is manufactured from leather which is rolled. It has a loop at one end that fits under the tail of the pony while the other side attaches to the back D-ring of the saddle. It is to prevent the saddle slipping forward.

Hand crafted in europe and distributed by Stubben. Quality stirrip leathers for all types of riders.

It has elements of both a curb bit and a snaffle bit. In this respect a Pelham bit functions similar to a double bridle. A Pelham works on several parts of a horse's head, depending on which rein is applied.

Bridle for Welsh ponies

Bates Australia is one of the most respected designers and manufacturers of riding and racing saddles and equipment in the world. The Wintec Kids Saddle has many features making it a perfect saddle for little ones to learn in.They are:Knee roll provides extra security. Built-in handle is strong, ...