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The leather fly fringes are made of Long lasting leather that acts as a fringe to the horse.

These fly fringes are lightweight and different coloured, they use thin rope strings to keep the flies away.

These fly frinsges use a PVC mesh, covering the horses eyes and protecting them from flies.

This fly mask with comes with extended flap that covers nose. This helps reduce sunburn on pink noses.

These fly frinsges use a PVC mesh, covering the horses eyes and comes with comfort material on nose to reduce irritation.

Fly mask that has holes for the ears. Stays in place better and gives more protection. This version has comfort fabric lining the nose.

These Fly fringes are made with ear pockets ensuring a more snug fit wich includes a nose flap to reduce the risk of sunburn on pink noses

These fly masks fit snuggly and have holes for the ears. This helps for them to stay in place better and gives more protection to the horse.

A clever mosquito net ear pockets to keep flies away from ears. Reduces the irritation to the horse.

These flymasks have been designed to cover the horse's whole face excluding the nose, they are made to protect your horse from flies and other insects. It is made of a heavy duty plastic shade cloth which wears well and aids in sun protection. Sizes: Cob, Full and Pony

This flyveil is designed as a handy combination of a fly bonnet and the traditional fly fringe. It is ideal for use when hacking or grazing. The flyveil effectively protects the horse's sensitive ears and eyes against the irritation of biting insects. Easily attaches to any halter or bridle with ...

This fly fringe is made of a cotton webbing with a PVC fringe. It also has velcro tabs on the sides and is designed to attach to a halter like a browband. They come in assorted colours.

These fly fringes use coloured PVC used to dispercse flies. They come in dark and now also in clear for the horse to see through.

The Show,master fleece flymask is designed to provide relief from biting insects, flies and the sun. This flymask from the popular Showmaster brand covers the horse's whole face, excluding the nostrils. It is pleated to allow clearance over the horse's eyes and features a durable hook and loop ...