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Bridlework for horses and ponies

We have a large collection of quality and affordable bridlework made from leather, cotton, and webbing. We have a large variety of tack and bridlework, including many different kinds like breastplates, bridles, brow bands, lunging aids, martingales, nose bands, poll pieces, reins and much more. We stock everything from Stubben to tack that had been made locally in South Africa as well as do leather repairs in the Garden Route area.

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This breastplate martingale is made from leather. It is of the traditional Y-type breastplate design. The neckstrap has straps where it attaches to the D-rings on the saddle. Suitable for all showjumpers whether their saddles slide backwards or not. Sizes: Full and X-Full. Colours: Black and Brown.


360,00 R

This leather breastplate has a webbing neckstrap that follows the line of the shoulder which makes it more comfortable for the horse.

This leather breastplate is padded across the chest and has imported elastic on the sides. Generally used for showjumping, eventing and recreational riding. Black or Brown

Leather backed breastplate in various colours. Hand stitched from top quality Berkshire leather.

Leather backed breastplate in various colours. Hand stitched from top quality Berkshire leather.

Padded poll caverson bridle

Padded poll with flash converted caverson

Custom made leather bitless bridle. Usually used for horses who do not readily accept a bit. It controls by pressure on the poll, cheek and nose. The Bitless has a pushing action whereas the traditional bits have more of a pulling action.

1610,00 R


1380,00 R

Cavalier Berlin Bridle with patent leather detail

Cavalier Equestrian Rider Bridle with embedded diamante browband and flash noseband bridle

1340,00 R

Cavalier Gibson Bridle with chain detail on browband and noseband.

1420,00 R

Cavalier Infinity Bridle with fine diamante browband

Cavalier Oxford Bridle has a delicate diamante finish on the browband and stylish stitching on the flash noseband.

Cavalier Prairie Bridle with stitching detail


360,00 R

A leather bridle with a caveson noseband. Suitable for showing. Available in black and brown. Full size

A schooling aid made of leather and nylon rope. It is most popularly used for lungeing but can be used under saddle.


430,00 R

A browband that has a clicher decoration. Comes in Brass or silver.


720,00 R

Comfort bridle for sensitive horses

Interwoven cotton strands make up these shortened reins especially for use of one hand in polocrosse.

The crank noseband fastens snugly around the horse's nose with padding for comfort and stops the horse from crossing his jaw.

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