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Happy Mouth Mullen Mouth Kimblewick with Chain Bit


This stainless steel Apple Mouth bit is apple scented and easily accepted by any horse


This stainless steel Apple Mouth bit is apple scented and easily accepted by any horse and stimulates salivation. The mouthpiece cannot pinch or damage the corners of the mouth and is very effective on young horses.  Soft and strong all in one, these bits are equally suitable for youngsters and the more experienced horse.   Sizes 125mm and 135mm.



Kimblewick bit commonly used in general riding and provides more control on a horse that may be a strong puller or needs slight curb action to lower its head. It is quite common to see ponies wearing these bits. With either type of Kimblewick, the curb chain or strap prevents the bit from rotating too far in the horse’s mouth. When the reins are pulled back, the bit applies pressure to the bars of the mouth, the chin and the poll. If there is a port, there may be pressure on the roof of the mouth. Because the bit has the equivalent of very short shanks, the curb action is relatively mild.


Mullen mouth:

Made of hard rubber or a half-moon of metal, it places even pressure on the mouthpiece, lips, and bars. It is a very mild mouthpiece. 


Stainless steel

Stainless steel bits may become dull over time, but can be cleaned and polished repeatedly without worrying about ruining the finish of the bit. Stainless steel bits are strong and will last a very long time. There's no particular flavour, so most horses won't object to the flavour of stainless steel. Stainless Steel bits also take a longer time to heat up than other bits, this has to do with the conductivity of the metal.


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