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Bridle - Capriole Backed. Custom made Capriole Bridle. Required noseband style can be specified with order. Reins not included.

Custom made Capriole Bridle. Reins not included.The Crank nosebandThe Crank noseband, which is also called a crinchback or doubleback, is designed to be fastened slightly tighter than a cavesson, without a buckle to dig into the back of the horse's jaw. This style of noseband can be used with any ...

Custom made leather bitless bridle. Usually used for horses who do not readily accept a bit. It controls by pressure on the poll, cheek and nose. The Bitless has a pushing action whereas the traditional bits have more of a pulling action.

The Capriole Diamante Helmet with comfortable padding

The Capriole Flower helmet is fully adjustable

Light weight fly sheet keeping your horse free from flies. Keeps your horse cool by allowing airflow. It has a lycra join over the wither for comfort and flexibility

Superior leather bridle with raised and stitched noseband and browband. Bridles can be supplied with reins of choice. Colours black and brown. Sizes: Full, Cob and small

Superior leather bridle with raised noseband and browband. Bridles can be supplied with reins of choice. Colours black and brown. Sizes: Full, Cob and small

The Capriole Skull Cap is comfortable and lightweight.

The Capriole Starter is the classical velvet riding cap

A leather surcingle designed to be used with a Stockman saddle.

The Capriole Streamline Helmet is comfortable with a 3 point harness

Jacket made from Technical Material.

A leather bridle with a caveson noseband. Suitable for showing. Available in black and brown. Full size

A mane and tail detangler which leaves the mane and tail tangle free for up to 2 weeks

Green spot an d stain remover. Ideal for shows.

A schooling aid made of leather and nylon rope. It is most popularly used for lungeing but can be used under saddle.

Knee high with reinforced heel and toe and thin shaft for the ultimate comfort.

These are made from fully machine washable Amara fabric.

Deluxe soft full grain leather chaps with full length heavy duty zippers on each leg. Adjustable lacing around the waist for a more secure, accurate fit.

Zip up half chaps - prevents the stirrup leathers rubbing your calf.Product Features:Strong, stylish and well fittingMachine washable on coldCovered zip looks better, and prevents dust clogging up the zip