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Ideal for general health maintenance.

Standard water bucket with angular handle

Water buckets with a capacty of 25L

The Waterford comprises of many link making it hard for the horse to lean on it or grab it. Waterford bits should just be used by experienced riders as it can be quite severe.

This web breastplate is designed to prevent the saddle from slipping backwards. It fits over the chest and attaches to the girth only. It is commonly used by polo and polocrosse players. Colours: Black and Brown. Sizes: Full.

Nylon running reins have a stitched loop at either end. Running reins are a schooling aid and are designed to encourage the horse to work in a round frame.

Bridle for Welsh ponies

A bridle of modern western design. Finished with plain leather reins. Available in black or brown.

A bridle of modern western design. Finished with plain leather reins. Available in black or brown.

The Weymouth is part of a double bridle set. It should be used in conjunction with a bradoon snaffle. Used mostly in dressage

Economically priced fibre glass dressage crops have a moulded rubber handle and finished with an attractive gold top.

Economically priced dressage crop with a white leather look handle. Attractive silver top.

Short jumping crop with golf handle grip.

Leather bridle with white backing on brow band and noseband. Flash noseband. The flash part of the noseband discourages the horse from opening its mouth to evade the action of the bit. Availlable in black and brown. Full, cob and pony size.

A block with velcro for easy attachment to the underside of the saddle flap.It allows the rider to individually tailor their thigh support, preventing the rider's leg from slipping too far back when jumping.

The Wintec gullet plates allow you to alter the width of the saddle to custom fit the shape of the horse's wither creating an ideal fit. Six different gullet sizes are available from narrow to extra wide.

Wintec elasticated girth with stainless steel buckles

470,00 R

Wintec elasticated girth with stainless steel buckles

300,00 R

Easy change gullet system for Wintec saddles

Bates Australia is one of the most respected designers and manufacturers of riding and racing saddles and equipment in the world. The Wintec Kids Saddle has many features making it a perfect saddle for little ones to learn in.They are:Knee roll provides extra security. Built-in handle is strong, ...

A measuring system to select the correct size gullet to fit a horse.

A high density foam pad

Wintec Western Saddle

11500,00 R