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A highly effective tick control dip

Soft-milled comfortable leather upper on a combat sole for all-day comfort and lightweight durability.

A naturally fermented broad spectrum probiotic. Useful for all stressful situations: Travel, relocation, shows, competition, diahorrea, colic, castration, weaning (mare and foal), antibiotic therapy, difficulty maintaining condition.

The side of stirrup is curved to ensure foot comes free in the event of a fall.

Well fitting and comfortable allowing extra space at the chest area

Promotes and maitains healthy hooves and hoof growth.

The Weymouth is part of a double bridle set. It should be used in conjunction with a bradoon snaffle. He fixed cheeks provide more stability in the horse's mouth as there is less movement. Used mostly in dressage.

Blanket surcingle clips

Blanket rack for all your rugs. Conveniently folds up out the way.

Double wave bling browband

A handy tool designed to make your life easier. Now pulling on your long riding boots have never been easier.

Black front with Velcro straps and a set of two

This set of 4 boots is made from thick saddle felt with very strong velcro straps.

Traditional bell shaped overreach boot manufactured from rubber. Pull on.

Traditional bell shaped overreach boot manufactured from rubber. Velcro fasteners make it easy to use.

The bradoon is similar to a loose ring snaffle. It does have smaller rings to be used in conjunction with a Weymouth as part of double bridle set.

An economy leather bridle with an attractive braided finish on the noseband and browband. The flash noseband of this bridle discourages the horse from opening his mouth and resisting during training. Available in black and brown. Full size

This leather breastplate has a webbing neckstrap that follows the line of the shoulder which makes it more comfortable for the horse.

This leather breastplate is padded across the chest and has imported elastic on the sides. Generally used for showjumping, eventing and recreational riding. Black or Brown