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Pikeur Jacket 34

2590,00 R

All colours of plaiting elastics to keep your horse looking on top form in the showing arena.

Durable plastic cavalletti for jumping practice - per pair

A feed scoop made from plastic

Plastic handle with curved rubber to squeeze water out of the horse's coat. This speeds up the drying process.

Polar Fleece Half Neck : With belly straps. Lovely navy with white stars which is attractive and very cosy. Sizes available : 125cm, 135cm, 145cm and 155cm.

This pollguard covers the horses entire poll. It is made of padding covered in cotton. It fits between the horse's ears and down his face. This ensures extra protection should the horse hit his head. It attaches to the noseband of the halter and has nylon straps through which the halter pollpiece ...

Polo wraps are fleece bandages that can be used during exercise to provide maximum support to the horse. Can also be used in the stable.

Long boot with velcro and buckle protectors - 2ndhand also available

Face Guard for protection - 2ndhand also available

Knee protection for bumps and knocks - 2ndhand also available

Match quality balls - OUT OF STOCK

The small braided string end of a dressage whip.

The port in this mouthpiece allows room for the tongue. This bit can be used with rein connectors. It provides slight poll action. The curb chain ensures greater control.

The french link means that pressure is evenly applied to both sides of the tongue. Some horses with low palates might find it more comfortable. The rings on the side allows the rein to be placed on either ring to ensure greater control.

A great protective over reach boot for training, as well as performance. Neoprene makes these boots especially tough and able to take the daily abuse of riding in any discipline. The sturdy lining absorbs energy from overreaching while the Velcro secures the boot from spinning.

Helps to encourage correct gut bacteria and aid digestion.

A probiotic supplement to encourage correct gut bacteria

These fly fringes use coloured PVC used to dispercse flies. They come in dark and now also in clear for the horse to see through.

A spray or wipe on treatment for flies, mosquitoes and ticks

The copper rollers on the bit encourages mouthing creating a good solid contact. Made with Dee so that there is litte or no pinching. Made of stainless steel so it will not bend or break.