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Omega Coat Oil provides your horse with essential Omega 3 and Omega 6

1200 Denier coat with 300 insulation. Water proof full hood. The ultimate weather protector. Available in Charcoal Blue.

Traditional bell shaped overreach boot manufactured from rubber. Velcro fasteners make it easy to use.

Leather bridle with padded poll piece, nose and browband. The padding ensures maximum comfort to the horse especially behind the ears which is a sensitive area for a horse. It is fitted with flash noseband. The flash discourages the horse from opening his mouth and resisting during training. ...

Lovely soft grain leather lace up with hind zip jodhpur boots with reinforced heel and steel shank for extra support in the stirrup

An oral dewormer for the treatment of large and small strongyles, ascarids and pinworms

A spray treatment for all topical infections.

Rubber rings made for peacock safety stirrups

Peacock stirup irons are made for safety, are nickle plated and made for children

A dewormer against roundworms, tapeworms and bots. Has a very palatable apple flavour

A full spectrum dewormer for roundworms, tapeworms and bots

Pegaquest is a long acting specialized dewormer

A switch dewormer for Stongyles, pinworms and ascarids

The single jointed mouthpiece of this bit has a nutcracker action. This bit can be used with rein connectors. It provides slight poll action. The curb chain ensures greater control.

This hard rubber, flexible mouth pelham is made from stainless steel. The gentle mouthpiece can encourage some horses to lean. It is not suitable in horses with shallow-palated mouths. Ideally used with double reins - the curb rein applies poll pressure to lower the horse's head and curb groove ...

Happy Mouth Pelham straight bar with curb chain.

Traditional pelham bit with lower port. Port ensures more space for the tongue. Action less severe than Pelham with high port. Recommended to be used with rein connectors. Can be used for general riding. Not permitted for dressage.

The port in this mouthpiece allows room for the tongue. This bit can be used with rein connectors. It provides slight poll action. The curb chain ensures greater control.

The traditiional pelham, made from stainless steel. For horses that don

It is different from other pelhams as the snaffle ring has been moved, to become a loose-ring connected via a small figure of eight. Its is made from stainless steel and is designed to nver bend or break. The action of the snaffle rein is more like that of a double bridle bridoon. Traditionally ...

The crupper is manufactured from leather which is rolled. It has a loop at one end that fits under the tail of the pony while the other side attaches to the back D-ring of the saddle. It is to prevent the saddle slipping forward.

A locally made leather surcingle with a total length of 223cm and is 4cm wide. It is extremely strong and is most popularly used by polo and polocrosse players. The surcingle is placed over the saddle and around the entire horse acting as a extra girth, in the event of the girth breaking. Colours: ...

A handy piece of equipment that cleans the horse's feet and at the same time can remove loose dirt and mud with the brush.