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A medium sized bin made for feed457mmx 305mm x 203mm

Very light weight sweat sheet. Royal Blue with Different trimmings- Grey,Pink,Royal,Teal and some plain white.

A handy piece of equipment that cleans the horse's feet

Microfibre Mitts available in funky colours. Ideal to remove dust from your horse's coat and leave him with an unbelievably glossy coat.

Mondial nails, nails of good quality and reliability.

A non allergic soothing shampoo

A very mild bit as the pressure is distributed evenly through the mouth. Ideal for horses with soft mouths. The eggbutt sides prevent pinching of the horse's mouth.

A saturated multi vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement

Allows users to safely maintain balance and soundness.

For cutting nails to correct length before clinching

For the removal of nails from the crease of a shoe.

Nathe straight bar gag provides more control than the snaffle

The Nathe loose ring snaffle is one of the milder bits and are suitable for yound and experienced horses

Woven western saddle blanket

20mm felt saddle blanket. Woven coloured blanket top, fleece under

Top of the range dressage whips at bottom of the range prices! Well balanced and beautifully crafted with navy and silver handles. Various lengths.

The neckstretcher is an aid that can be used while lungeing or under saddle. It encourages the horse to lower his head and work over his back more effectively.

Insulated gate handle with hook

Secures Poly Wire or Poly Tape up to 40mm (1o?=o?=") wide. Uniquely designed lugs for positive holding and quick release of wire or tape.

Poly tapes 40 mm are used for their very high visibility and superior strength for animal electric fencing.