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Hoof knife with plastic handle

For measuring the angle of the hoof

For the trimming of hooves

For locaing sensitive areas in the hoof

Horse shoe body brushes and tail brushes

An economical, good quality glove

Icatchi trap and bait

These long ice boots are made from a PVC fabric.Using this after hard work will help the horse's legs recover more speedily and prevent inflammation.

Cross country number bibs

These gullet plates are designed to be used with the Ikonic saddle range. This means that the rider can modify the width of the saddle tree using any of the adjustable gullet plates. The tree can perfectly adapt itself to the withers and backs of individual horses.

Infinity bling browband

Insulators for electric fencing

A block with velcro for easy attachment to the underside of the saddle flap.It allows the rider to individually tailor their thigh support, preventing the rider's leg from slipping too far back when jumping.

JC Olympic Dressage Saddle

JC Saphir jumping saddle

A curry comb that is made out of a jelly plastic material

As with pelhams and weymouth bits, the bridle cheek pieces are attached by the eye at the top of the bit to produce a more direct poll action. The slotted cheeks allow the rider to alter the rein position to increase or reduce the curb action. Comes complete with double link curb chain.

The soft rubber mouthpiece of this bit provides a thick and mild surface for a young horse to learn to accept the contact. Can be used with two sets of reins when more control is needed. The single jointed mouthpiece provides a nutcracker action.

Body protector for all disciplines

Smart and taylored show jackets in black and navy

The perfect tweed to stand out in the showring.

Funky coloured lycra hat covers to match your eventing T shirt

Joyride Show Jacket

720,00 R