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A joint supplement used to assist the treatment of joint conditions containing Glucosomine and Chondroitin and MSM

Pre and Probiotics work together to ensure and healthy balance of organisms in the gut

Reduces inflammation and improves bodies ability to produce it's own antioxidants.

Stretch, comfortable and stylish

Woven breeches with the just the right amount of stretch to be supportive and allows them to maintain their shape

Royal Blue with black waistband, knee pads and pockets with red pocket inserts and belt loops

Grey with black seat & white piping running down along the side.

Numnah manufactured from an anti-allergenic cotton rich fabric featuring a waffle cotton lining. The second layer of this numnah features Air Space Fibre to provide best shock absorption and breathability .

The Equiline neoprene numnah includes a high density foam panel on either side of the horse's spine. This provides an even lift along the channel of the saddle and acts as a shock absorber for high withered horses or horses with sensitive backs. This numnah is manufactured from materials which ...

Striking square numnah with eye catching cord and rhinestone trim. The numnah is made from anti-allergenic cotton with a soft 100% cotton lining to ensure that your horse stays comfortable during long hours of training and competition.

Square quilted numnah, made of anti-allergenic cotton. Stuffed with breathable padding. Double lined to give maximum shock absorption.

A very popular shampoo, more so amongst the riders rather than the horses.

The Equiline Yearling snake pad is made from an anti-allergenic cotton fabric with a soft cotton lining. This fabric ensures that your horse stays cool and comfortable during training and competition.

Breathable outdoor rug with duvet

Equinoforte is a probiotic spray to help maintain and restore the natural intestine flora

A non allergic soothing shampoo

A comfortable glove with a reflective line

A ph balanced, non allergic shampoo

An antiseptic would wash and can be used as a stable disinfectant

High quality Eventing Boots available for Front and Hind

The Everstretch endurance numnah is designed with a 50 mm thick padding, no center back seam and a cutaway fit to ensure your horse remains comfortable when under saddle for long hours.

Exercise bandages support a horse's legs during excercise. Extra care should be taken when bandaging to ensure that it is done correctly.

Polar Fleece exercise sheets available in Red, Navy and Royal Blue. Easy to put on and take off with velcro fastening at saddle pommel

A durable suede leather apron.