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A germicidal barrier ointment for cuts and abrasions

The flash noseband helps to prevent the horse from opening his mouth too wide.

Flash straps and flash connectors convert a caverson into a flash noseband

Short travelling boots reaches up to under the knee. Fleece lined and well padded to offer maximum protection to the legs while travelling. Available in an assortment of colours. Fastens with velcro to ensure secure fit.

Fleece padded fully adjustable halter

Flexi Rider Dressage Saddle

8550,00 R

These fly frinsges use a PVC mesh, covering the horses eyes and protecting them from flies.

This fly mask with comes with extended flap that covers nose. This helps reduce sunburn on pink noses.

These fly frinsges use a PVC mesh, covering the horses eyes and comes with comfort material on nose to reduce irritation.

Fly mask that has holes for the ears. Stays in place better and gives more protection. This version has comfort fabric lining the nose.

These Fly fringes are made with ear pockets ensuring a more snug fit wich includes a nose flap to reduce the risk of sunburn on pink noses

These fly masks fit snuggly and have holes for the ears. This helps for them to stay in place better and gives more protection to the horse.

A clever mosquito net ear pockets to keep flies away from ears. Reduces the irritation to the horse.

These flymasks have been designed to cover the horse's whole face excluding the nose, they are made to protect your horse from flies and other insects. It is made of a heavy duty plastic shade cloth which wears well and aids in sun protection. Sizes: Cob, Full and Pony

Full hood Fly Sheets with belly and fillet straps. White with blue trim available in 125cm, 135cm, 145cm and 155cm. Good quality fabric which will last. Satin lining on inside on shoulder and mane area.

This flyveil is designed as a handy combination of a fly bonnet and the traditional fly fringe. It is ideal for use when hacking or grazing. The flyveil effectively protects the horse's sensitive ears and eyes against the irritation of biting insects. Easily attaches to any halter or bridle with ...

A saddle rack that has a platform below to store your brushes or other riding equiment

Gera tendon boots are to fit snugly over the fetlock joint. Usually used by show jumpers. When jumping it will prevent the horse from striking a front leg with a hind leg.

High quality Swedish steel

The full cheeks on this bit aids in steering and also prevents the bit from being pulled through the mouth. Due to the design of this bit it is very stable in the horse's mouth. The flat link ensures less pressure is exerted on the tongue, palate and bars of the mouth. Can be used in most ...

The copper rollers on the bit encourages mouthing creating a good solid contact. The sides of this bit aids in steering. Can be used in most disciplines.

A hollow mouth is significantly lighter than a solid bit. The single action of this bit gives more of a nutcracker action and the sides aid in steering. Can be used in most disciplines.