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Stretch, comfortable and stylish

Woven breeches with the just the right amount of stretch to be supportive and allows them to maintain their shape

Royal Blue with black waistband, knee pads and pockets with red pocket inserts and belt loops

Grey with black seat & white piping running down along the side.

A very popular shampoo, more so amongst the riders rather than the horses.

Breathable outdoor rug with duvet

Equinoforte is a probiotic spray to help maintain and restore the natural intestine flora

A non allergic soothing shampoo

A comfortable glove with a reflective line

A ph balanced, non allergic shampoo

A veterinary strength supplement which supports horse mobility.

An antiseptic would wash and can be used as a stable disinfectant

High quality Eventing Boots available for Front and Hind

Exercise bandages support a horse's legs during excercise. Extra care should be taken when bandaging to ensure that it is done correctly.

Polar Fleece exercise sheets available in Red, Navy and Royal Blue. Easy to put on and take off with velcro fastening at saddle pommel

A durable suede leather apron.

Heavy duty leather with leg straps and knife pocket

This saddle has panels easily adjust with Velcro to fit various horses. The Featherweight Arab Leather Saddle has adjustable panels fitted with Velcro to widen or narrow to fit horse perfectlyThis model is made from lightweight leather and features leather straps and stirrup leathers.

The Featherweight Trail Rider is a synthetic material light-weight endurance and trail saddle. The girth straps are adjustable and allow the rider to move the girth position forward or backward in order to align the girth with each individual horse's girth groove, this ensures an optimal fit and ...

A small sized feed bin390mm x 256mm x 101mm

An all over well being stimulator. Encourages healthy hoof growth and coat shine. Increases weight.

The brushing ring is designed to protect the horse from injury. These injuries usually occur when the horse brushes at a lower point than where the brushing boots reach until.

Fibre-Beet - the quick-soaking conditioning feed

This hanging cheeck snaffle has a french link for horses who do not accept the nutcracker action of a traditional single jointed snaffle. The hanging cheeks can help encourage the horse to work in an outline. Used for all disciplines.