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Sometimes your pets need a helping hand to get them healthy and happy. We offer a large variety of supplements and veterinary products for your horse, pony and pets.

Veterinary Products

We try to stock as much equine vet supplies as much as possible that assist your pets less irritable and more healthy.

Horse supplements

We offer many forms of supplements to improve your animals health. The equine products we offer are formulated for the improvement and maintenance of your animals joint health, hoof health, digestive function, overall vitality, electrolyte balance, immune system functionality, behavioural issues as well as skin and coat condition. Some of our most popular products include deworming, fly repellent. hoof care, Equifox, Honeyvale Herbs and MSN for your horses aches, pain and discomfort.

Browse our large variety of equine products and horse supplements and treat your animal to something special.

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Vet & Horse Supplements

A topical ointment for wounds and cuts and gives relief from pain and discomfort.

ARNICA ICE is an analgesic gel for the temporary relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with sprains, strains or arthritis. It is also great as an aid for cooling out tendons and overworked muscles in horses.

A highly effective tick control dip

A naturally fermented broad spectrum probiotic. Useful for all stressful situations: Travel, relocation, shows, competition, diahorrea, colic, castration, weaning (mare and foal), antibiotic therapy, difficulty maintaining condition.

Promotes and maitains healthy hooves and hoof growth.

Improves all round skin and coat conditions

A wipe on fly repellant.

An effective fly repellant spray.

A nutritional supplement to help the excitable equine

Equilibrate-Nutrition for the Balanced Horse

A wound cream with antiseptic properties.

Helps replace lost fluids and electrolytes during strenous exercise

Treatment of topical infections such as lacerations, abrasions, gaping wounds dermatitis and footrot caused by or associated with organisms susceptible to oxytetracycline.

Pre and Probiotics work together to ensure and healthy balance of organisms in the gut

A complete supplement for the well being of your horse

Mineral salts that aid in replenshing body fluids and re-hydration

Equinoforte is a probiotic spray to help maintain and restore the natural intestine flora

A veterinary strength supplement which supports horse mobility.

An antiseptic would wash and can be used as a stable disinfectant

An all over well being stimulator. Encourages healthy hoof growth and coat shine. Increases weight.

A germicidal barrier ointment for cuts and abrasions

A safe and natural supplement to help boost your horses performance

A joint supplement which aid the synthesis, protection and repair of cartiledge matrix in joints and soft tissue in joints

Provides extra iron lost in excessively sweating horses..

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