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The material used to attatch your stirrup to your saddle.

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Stirrup Leathers

Australian stockman stirrup leathers that attatch to the saddle and are can be used for showjumping

Local maunfactured stirrup leathers that are 25mm in width

These stirrup leathers are made of heavy duty PVC. These heavy duty PVC stirrup leathers are extremely hard-wearing and have nickel plated buckles. They are non-stretch and will never snap or become uneven.

Indian styled stirrup leathes that are 25mm in width

Stirrup leathers are made of nylon material

Made of three-ply, soft and highly abrasion-proof vachette leather. A very hard-wearing textile core will ensure the required security. The buckle area and the top end of the strap are made of precious sleek leather, emphasising attention to detail. In the leg area the normal two layers of stirrup ...

Stubben NT XL stirrup leathers

Hand crafted in europe and distributed by Stubben. Quality stirrip leathers for all types of riders.

Philippe Fontaine is a brand within Stubben and offer high qaulity products. These Stirrup leathers are made of top qulaity leather and are very durable.

Soft stirrup leathers that are hard wearing with rounded edges and cast roller buckles of stainless steel that are sewn in three times by hand, and numbered holes, ensure high wearing comfort. Available in different widths.

The new Stubben stirrup leathers NT are made from triple wraped, smooth and very durable leather with textile fabric inside. The stirrup leathers are signed as a right (R) and left (L) one. This avoid the risk to damage the seam. Available in the colors black, ebony and tabacco in the length ...

These are Stubben stirrup leathers