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Saddles & Accessories

The saddle and accessories are some of the most important parts of your tack. We offer a wide variety of stirrup irons, saddle pads, stirrups, gullet plates, girths, numnahs, saddle bags, saddle covers and surcingles to make the most of your riding experience.

We stock a large amount of saddlery including Stubben Saddles, Wintec Saddles, Bates Saddles, Solo Saddles, Kieffer Saddles, Equisport Saddles and all kinds of saddles and accessories products for your every day and beginner rider. If you cant find the product you are looking for, let us know and we'll try find it for you!

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Saddles and Accessories

Girth manufactured from foam and covered in cotton. Nickle plated buckles. Elasticated.

This very economical girth is made from cotton webbing and has nickle plated roller buckles attached.

Leather girth straps designed to change rigging system of Mclellan type saddles to universal two point girth system.

Synthetic sheepskin sleeve that easily slides over the girth for added protection against chaffing.

Leather rigging strap to attach Mclellan girth to Mclellan type saddle.

PVC rigging strap to attach Mclellan girth to Mclellan type saddle.

Leather cinch strap or back girth strap to fit western saddle

These gullet plates are designed to be used with the Ikonic saddle range. This means that the rider can modify the width of the saddle tree using any of the adjustable gullet plates. The tree can perfectly adapt itself to the withers and backs of individual horses.

A block with velcro for easy attachment to the underside of the saddle flap.It allows the rider to individually tailor their thigh support, preventing the rider's leg from slipping too far back when jumping.

The Mclellan saddle flaps are manufactured from quality local leather. It is designed to be used with the Mclellan saddle. It fits over the stirrup leathers thus making it more comfortable for the rider.

Woven western saddle blanket

20mm felt saddle blanket. Woven coloured blanket top, fleece under

Soft neoprene girth - elasticised

Quality saddle pad that fits well under saddle

Numnah with double piping

Shaped dressage numnah with high wither

Square dressage numnah with unique Everstretch filler that provides an air cushion between horse and saddle.

50 mm thick, no centre back seam with cutaway back section to avoid pressure points and chaffing.

Square or shaped neoprene insert numnahs

Quality dressage numnah

Square gp quilted numnah

GP numnah with a unique swallow tail

Square numnah with a synthetic fur padding

A water-resistant nylon saddle cover to be used when riding, it prevents your saddle from getting wet during light showers. It has slots through which your stirrup leathers are threaded. It can also be used as a dust cover.

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