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Trail saddles are mainly used for outrides and are designed to have more comfortable and ergonomic seats for those long trails.

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The Featherweight Trail Rider is a synthetic material light-weight endurance and trail saddle. The girth straps are adjustable and allow the rider to move the girth position forward or backward in order to align the girth with each individual horse's girth groove, this ensures an optimal fit and ...

The Mclellan Saddle is a traditional South African design especially for the trail rider and often used by the mounted police and endurance rider. This saddle is favoured by those whom need to be in the saddle for long periods of time.

A plain deep seat saddle with fixed thigh supports, swinging fenders, girth and surcingle. This saddle popular for trail riding, polo cross and gymkhana.

Trail Ranger Saddle LargeThe Trail Saddle has a padded leather seat and a full felt panel. Providing the maximum comfort for the horse and the rider. Flexible panels moulded to fit all shapes of horses.Large 17.5

The Trail Safari Saddle is made ith leather with a high pommel and is made with trail riding in mind.