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Horse Riding Gear & Equipment

We have a very large selection Rider Accessories and products for your beginner and everyday rider. Some of our popular products include helmets, crops, spurs, body protectors, eventing vests, chaps, whips and gaiters. We try stock all the equipment you need to get yourself riding from one shop. Browse through our large selection of horse rider gear and accessories. View our collection of equipment throughout the website and find something you like

Candy stripe crop with fun colours

These are made from fully machine washable Amara fabric.

Knee length socks. Perfect to wear with your breeches to protect your legs from chaffing under your gaiters|boots.

Whip used for schooling horses. Attractive diamante design makes this crop suitable for everyday riding but yet smart enough for shows. Available in black and in assorted lengths.

Good quality dressage whips in bright colours

Hit Air body protector jacket

A kidney belt available in different sizes. Serves as extra back support to those who need it.

Fun kids leather chaps

Top of the range dressage whips at bottom of the range prices! Well balanced and beautifully crafted with navy and silver handles. Various lengths.

The small braided string end of a dressage whip.

This is an ideal schooling whip and is used to encourage your horse forward. Used as a schooling aid only.

Convenient collapsible stool for carrying around with you when at shows or other horsey events.

Spur Straps made with double leather

Nickle plated spurs that fit snugly around your riding boot. Small bubble spur at the back. Ideal for novice riders who yet need to refine their leg aids.

Helps you memorise your dressage tests

Stubben spurs with straps.

Economically priced fibre glass dressage crops have a moulded rubber handle and finished with an attractive gold top.

Economically priced dressage crop with a white leather look handle. Attractive silver top.

Short jumping crop with golf handle grip.