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These are made from fully machine washable Amara fabric.

Zip up half chaps - prevents the stirrup leathers rubbing your calf.Product Features:Strong, stylish and well fittingMachine washable on coldCovered zip looks better, and prevents dust clogging up the zip

Horse Tech quality chaps for kids.Sizes Available 8, 10, 12 and 14Pink, purple, sky, navyMachine washable

Soft durable leather chaps


215,00 R

Classic Ladies (Stretch)

Used to clinch nails once cut, this clincher is made from high quality steel with a button rivet

A browband that has a clicher decoration. Comes in Brass or silver.


720,00 R

These tendon boots have elastic and velcro fasteners and are designed for the hind legs, thus protecting the tendons by providing extra support. Will also protect hind legs from brushing injuries. These boots come in a large variety of colours. Outer shell is plastic with a neoprene lining for ...

Assorted colour haynets.

These tendon boots have have elastic and velcro fasteners and protect the horse's legs from striking, thus protecting the tendons.

Comfortable and stylish child show shirt

Comfortable and stylish sleeveless colt show shirt

Stylish shirts for the warm African climate.

This comb is perfect for plaiting your horse for a show as it is the correct size and gather and parts the hair for the perfect plaits. Plastic.

A curry comb made from a }sticky} gel. It is used to remove loose hair and dirt plus increase blood circulation.

The curry comb is used to help loosen dirt and hair plus stimulate the skin to produce natural oils. The curry comb must be used in a circular motion to loosen embedded material.

This mane comb is the right size to fit neatly in the palm of your hand to make it easy when pulling the horse's mane.

A small comb that easily fits into your hand making the tedious job of mane pulling that much easier.

Sarvis curry comb is a plastic curry comb used to remove loose dirt and hair. Used in circular motions. To be used gently.