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Horse Leg Protection Products

We stock a large variety of leg protection products as well as equine boots and wraps to stop your horse from injury. We stock a large amount of horse boots including Brushing Boots, Overreach Boots, Eventing Boots, Tendon Boots, Magnetic Boots, Travelling Boots, Coronet Boots and Leg Bandages. Some popular brands and manufacturers we stock include Blue Steal, Horze, Solo Saddlers to name a few of the many brands that we sell. If you are looking for horse legwear we can get it. View our colection of horse hoof and leg protection products

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Leg Protection

A stable bandage is used to lend support to a horse while stabled or to rehabilitate certain injuries. Non-stretch.

These Tekna Hind Boots are padded with soft neoprene for the horses comfort. These high quality, fashionable, stitched hind boots have an easy velcro fastening securing the boots during work. Colours: Black, Brown and White. Sizes: Pony, Cob and Full.

The Tekna IM tendon boots are high quality moulded tendon boots that are the latest addition to our best selling Tekna horse boot range. The boots are anatomically shaped to ensure your horse's comfort and feature an impact resistant shell with a soft, breathable neoprene lining and tough keyhole ...

These boots are durable, fashionable and easy to care for. The Tekna Fancy stitched tendon boots are padded with soft neoprene for your horse's comfort. Other features include a secure double velcro fastening to ensure the boots stay securely in place during work and competition. Made of QUIK-CLEAN ...

Short travelling boots reaches up to under the knee. Well padded to offer maximum protection to the legs while travelling.

This is bandage that sticks upon itself. It can tear easily so no scissors needed. It is usually used for injury or rehabilitation.

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