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Feed additives to improve horse condition.

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A naturally fermented broad spectrum probiotic. Useful for all stressful situations: Travel, relocation, shows, competition, diahorrea, colic, castration, weaning (mare and foal), antibiotic therapy, difficulty maintaining condition.

Promotes and maitains healthy hooves and hoof growth.

Improves all round skin, coat and hoof conditions

Equilibrate-Nutrition for the Balanced Horse

COMPLETE - A balanced formulation of food source and amino acid linked minerals, vitamins, herbs and spices for horses of all breeds, age and levels of performance. Essential when no or low levels of manufactured concentrates are being fed.

Helps to relieve inflammation of mucous membranes and expel mucous.

Aids in joint disorders, arthritis and muscle stiffness.

Helps replace lost fluids and electrolytes during strenous exercise

Easily administered electrolytes for endurance horses

A joint supplement used to assist the treatment of joint conditions containing Glucosomine and Chondroitin and MSM

Pre and Probiotics work together to ensure and healthy balance of organisms in the gut

An all over well being stimulator. Encourages healthy hoof growth and coat shine. Increases weight.

A joint supplement containing Glucosomine and Chondroitin

Helps in detoxifiying the body and encourages well being. It is also affective in repelling ticks.

Acts as a natural antacid and aids in protection of stomach walls from gastic ulcers

A joint supplement which aid the synthesis, protection and repair of cartiledge matrix in joints

A joint supplement to which aids in the synthesis, protection and repair of cartledge matrix in joints.

A veterinary strength supplement which supports horse mobility.

Provides extra iron lost in excessively sweating horses..

Promotes healthy hoof growth by providing a rich souce of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Protects against and aids in the recovery of viral disease.

This product aid in the relief of Laminitis with natual anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties and has silicone to encourage healthy hoof growth.

A potent anti oxidant which improves recovery rate and aids in tissue repair and immune function.

Includes Chondroitin, Glucosomine and msm for maximum joint support

Hormonal balancing and calming in mares and aggressive stallions

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