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Fibre-Beet - the quick-soaking conditioning feed


Fibre-Beet recognizes the fact that horses evolved principally to eat grass which contains 80 to 90% water. Fibre-Beet is designed to be fed as a wet feed (liquid diet) which is the most natural way to feed your horse. By combining Lucern and Speedi-Beet together into one easy to use unique lozenge shape, Fibre-Beet offers an excellent source of highly digestible fibre in a liquid form and provides your horse with slow release energy without fizz. What is Fibre-Beet and how does it work? Increasingly the nutrition of the horse is becoming more widely understood and accepted, and the benefits of maximising fibre intake have been well received. More high fibre mixes are being produced to help optimise the utilisation of forage and there is now a comprehensive range of possibilities to maintain the nutrition, behaviour (chewing, trickle feeding) and welfare of the horse. What is different in wet feeding and why do we need to look at a new concept? Your horse has access to water so why do you need to add another layer of complication? Well, answer me this. How much does your horse drink? The answer may surprise you. Vital Water A horse at rest may drink up to 7 litres per 100kg of body weight per day. A 400kg horse will drink over three bucketfuls. During exercise up to 15 litres of water per hour can be lost as sweat - another two buckets. And it has been shown that as water intake is restricted the intake of food reduces. Water is essential, not only to maintain every aspect of the physiology and biochemistry of the body but also to ensure the correct condition in the gut. The gut contents (chyme) in a horse is mainly water in which is suspended food particles and digestive enzymes. Muscular contractions squeeze (and mix) the contents along the length of the gut as enzymes break down nutrients for absorption and microbes mix with, and attach to, the fibre to release energy. It