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Horse Grooming Products

We have a large variety of horse grooming products and kits to keep your animal looking and feeling good. Some of the products we stock include fly repellant sprays, curry combs, dandy brushes, horse shampoo and conditioner as well as many animal coat products that will keep your horses clean and comfortable. View our collection of horse grooming gear and horse care products.

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Horse Care

A handy piece of equipment that cleans the horse's feet and at the same time can remove loose dirt and mud with the brush.

All colours of plaiting elastics to keep your horse looking on top form in the showing arena.

Plastic handle with curved rubber to squeeze water out of the horse's coat. This speeds up the drying process.

This smaller plastic tack tray is small enough to store or transport your entire grooming kit. Will not take up a lot of space when travelling. Sturdy handle.


1440,00 R

Makes easy work of keeping your horse's tail neat and clean.

Wonder Hoof for damaged and brittle hooves

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