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Horse Grooming Products

We have a large variety of horse grooming products and kits to keep your animal looking and feeling good. Some of the products we stock include fly repellant sprays, curry combs, dandy brushes, horse shampoo and conditioner as well as many animal coat products that will keep your horses clean and comfortable. View our collection of horse grooming gear and horse care products.

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This grooming bag is manufactured from durable cotton fabric. It has a drawstring at the top to ensure all your grooming goodies stay together.

A large dandy brush .Wooden backed and stiff bristled. It is designed to remove dried sweat and mud from the horse's coat, or to brush out manes and tails

Hoof Oil Brush and Container

Hoof Oil Brush. Quality natural bristles with a wooden handle. Perfect to apply hoof oil or Stockholm tar.

This comb is perfect for plaiting your horse for a show as it is the correct size and gather and parts the hair for the perfect plaits. Plastic.

A curry comb made from a }sticky} gel. It is used to remove loose hair and dirt plus increase blood circulation.

The curry comb is used to help loosen dirt and hair plus stimulate the skin to produce natural oils. The curry comb must be used in a circular motion to loosen embedded material.

This mane comb is the right size to fit neatly in the palm of your hand to make it easy when pulling the horse's mane.

A small comb that easily fits into your hand making the tedious job of mane pulling that much easier.

Sarvis curry comb is a plastic curry comb used to remove loose dirt and hair. Used in circular motions. To be used gently.

A nutritional aid which helps in normalising the digestive system in horses and foals with diarrhoea

This is a very economical sponge which can be used to clean all areas of your horse.

Equifox Hoof Assist for the repair of damaged and weak hooves.

A very popular shampoo, more so amongst the riders rather than the horses.

Good quality. Matching kit. Everything you might need to groom your horse now available as a kit.

Perfect for keeping clean while you look after your horse's feet.

Horse shoe body brushes and tail brushes

A curry comb that is made out of a jelly plastic material

The dandy brush has stiff bristles.

A round curry comb with cone shaped bristles which are perfect for massaging after a hard work out.

A handy piece of equipment that cleans the horse's feet

Microfibre Mitts available in funky colours. Ideal to remove dust from your horse's coat and leave him with an unbelievably glossy coat.

A non allergic soothing shampoo

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