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An antiseptic would wash and can be used as a stable disinfectant

Equiwash is an antiseptic for treatment of wounds, cuts and grazes. It contains a low-foam cleansing detergent. It can be used as an overall body disinfectant rinse, refresher and coat conditioner. Equiwash will aid in the control of skin problems associated with allergic conditions like sweet itch and is recommended for stable yard disinfections as well as a preventative treatment when moving or introducing new horses. Equi Wash is a unique multi-purpose disinfectant and body wash. It is not a shampoo.Equi Wash has undergone stringent testing and is licensed for all claims.Equi Wash is recommeded as a regular post exercise wash. It works against infections from scratches, abrasions and cuts, and contains low foam detergent to cleanse. There is no stinging or burning sensation with use. Lavender oil refreshens and conditions the coat. Equi Wash can be used on horses where skin infections are evident or suspected. Importantly, extensive research shows Equi Wash to be the first product with proven efficacy for disorders related to the secondary effects of the Culicoides virus, here known as AHS (African Horse Sickness).Equi Wash has a QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compound) blend which has been specifically chosen for environmental friendliness. The constituents are specifically Eco-labelled