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Bridlework for horses and ponies

We have a large collection of quality and affordable bridlework made from leather, cotton, and webbing. We have a large variety of tack and bridlework, including many different kinds like breastplates, bridles, brow bands, lunging aids, martingales, nose bands, poll pieces, reins and much more. We stock everything from Stubben to tack that had been made locally in South Africa as well as do leather repairs in the Garden Route area.

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Your basic flash strap from Stubben.


9195,00 R

Stubben gag runners that can be used with most gag bits.

A plain Stubben poll piece.

A beautifull Stubben diamante breastplate with encrusted stones to look like diamonds

A light coloured leather padded headpieace for your bridle.

A beautifull Stubben Poll Piece for your broken or worn out bridles.

Differnet colour poll straps that can be used to replave old or broken ones.

These reins have a four-rib webbing hand part that has leather cleats stitched at even intervals. The leather cleats on these reins give the rider additional grip and prevent the reins from slipping through the rider's hands. The reins also have a billet fastening. Popularly used for dressage and ...

A stubben martingale - running for a more comfortable fit.

Stubben snaffle Freedom bridle designed for your horse's comfort.


9350,00 R

Stubben Switch 2800 Bridle


6200,00 R

These velcro bridle fastneers are made to keep your bridle together to avoid losing or seperating parts.

When using this Training System the back muscles are encouraged from the beginning to work in a lower position, improving the muscle at the base of the horse

This web breastplate is designed to prevent the saddle from slipping backwards. It fits over the chest and attaches to the girth only. It is commonly used by polo and polocrosse players. Colours: Black and Brown. Sizes: Full.

Nylon running reins have a stitched loop at either end. Running reins are a schooling aid and are designed to encourage the horse to work in a round frame.

A bridle of modern western design. Finished with plain leather reins. Available in black or brown.

A bridle of modern western design. Finished with plain leather reins. Available in black or brown.

Leather bridle with white backing on brow band and noseband. Flash noseband. The flash part of the noseband discourages the horse from opening its mouth to evade the action of the bit. Availlable in black and brown. Full, cob and pony size.

945,00 R

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