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Bridlework for horses and ponies

We have a large collection of quality and affordable bridlework made from leather, cotton, and webbing. We have a large variety of tack and bridlework, including many different kinds like breastplates, bridles, brow bands, lunging aids, martingales, nose bands, poll pieces, reins and much more. We stock everything from Stubben to tack that had been made locally in South Africa as well as do leather repairs in the Garden Route area.

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These reins are made from webbing that has leather cleats stitched at even intervals. The leather cleats on these reins give the rider additional grip and prevent the reins from slipping through the rider's hands.

Interwoven leather reins with a plaited design. Very neat and attractive. Also provides good grip. Suitable for all disciplines but mainly used in dressage and showing. Colours: Black and Brown.

These reins have a rubber rein grip and billet ends. Rubber reins give the best grip when reins get wet in the rain or on a sweaty horse. Suitable for showjumping,dressage, hunting and eventing. Includes leather reins stops. Colours: Black, Black with White and Brown| Brown with brown. Sizes: Full

The multi-coloured reins have rubber grip and has different coloured sections. Perfect for the novice rider as they can be instructed to move their hands to a specific colour to achieve a good contact.

Good quality leather reins with rubber grip. Suitable for all disciplines except showing and provides good grip in all weather conditions.

This leather rein interwoven with rubber. Thinner than your traditional rubber reins. The tiny rubber pimples ensure a strong grip.

Browbands covered in satin ribbons. Ideal for shows. Available in various colour combinations and designs.

They are designed to be used on pelham bits instead of double reins. One strap is attached to the top ring of the pelham, and the other strap is attached to the bottom ring. The rein is then attached to the central ring. The length of the straps can be adjusted depending on whether more emphasis is ...

Leather running reins have a stitched loop at either end. Running reins are a schooling aid and are designed to encourage the horse to work in a round frame. Colours: Assorted.

This economy martingale is made from Indian leather and is finished off with coloured stones. It assists in lowering the horse's head carriage. Suitable for any horse with a high head carriage as well as showjumpers and eventers. Colour: Black and Brown.

This martingale hand stitched from top quality Berkshire leather. .It assists in lowering the horse's head carriage. Suitable for any horse with a high head carriage as well as showjumpers and eventers. Colour: Black and Brown. Sizes: Full

Bling browband in a shallow wave curve

A martingale stitched from quality Berkshire leather. Standing martingale attaches to back of noseband to prevent horse lifting his head.

Prevents the saddle from slipping back

Stubben breastplate with a running attatchment.

A delicate bridle with silver coloured fittings and fine grey stitching. Unique elastic browband ends (registered design)

An awesome way to give your bridles a longer life. If you plan on storing your bridles, this is the perfect way to keep them in good condition.


430,00 R

Standard Stubben quality bridle that comes in either brown or back that has a crystal encrusted brow.

Stubben browbands in an assortment of different colours to choose from.

Your basic Stubben cheek Pieces

Browband with chain of imitation diamonds in colour cristal | blue.

A beautifull Stubben diamante breastplate with encrusted gemstones to look like gemstones

Elegant browband with a silver or brass coloured, spaced, flat metal chain . Suitable for delicate bridles. Available in several colours.

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