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Horse and Pony Bridles for sale

TackandTuck stock a large collection of affordable and quality pony and horse bridles for sale that are made from leather, cotton, webbing and some are also made from PVC or plastic in a variety of different colours and sizes.

Our selection includes grackles, bitless, flash, cavaessons, caprioles, padded, comfort, flash, polo, diamante and racing. We also stock large brands like Stubben, Capriole.

We have a large range for horses and ponies and our staff is on hand to help you decide which kind of bridle is suited to your horse. Our 2nd hand section also boasts a wide variety for sale at great prices.

You can view our selection of bridles below and if you can't find the bridle you are looking for, contact us and we'll find it for you.

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Biothane endurance bridles available in a variety of colours. Durable and fully washable.

A mule bridle. Includes a bit.

Padded poll caverson bridle

Padded poll with flash converted caverson

Elegant leather bridle with diamante finish in browband. Flash noseband. Flash is used to discourage the horse from opening its mouth in resistance to the contact.

Custom made Capriole Bridle. Reins not included.The Crank nosebandThe Crank noseband, which is also called a crinchback or doubleback, is designed to be fastened slightly tighter than a cavesson, without a buckle to dig into the back of the horse's jaw. This style of noseband can be used with any ...

Custom made leather bitless bridle. Usually used for horses who do not readily accept a bit. It controls by pressure on the poll, cheek and nose. The Bitless has a pushing action whereas the traditional bits have more of a pulling action.

A leather bridle with a caveson noseband. Suitable for showing. Available in black and brown. Full size

Comfort bridle for sensitive horses

FSS Bridle

1078,00 R

Leather bridle with padded poll piece, nose and browband. The padding ensures maximum comfort to the horse especially behind the ears which is a sensitive area for a horse. It is fitted with flash noseband. The flash discourages the horse from opening his mouth and resisting during training. ...

A leather bridle finished off with a raised noseband and browband.

1000 Waterford Hanoverian is a broad classic bridle with silver coloured fittings. Soft padding on the browband and Hanoverian noseband.Headstall 31mm, cheeks 18mm, throat strap 13mm, brow and noseband doubled. Silver fittings

A delicate bridle with silver coloured fittings and fine grey stitching. Unique elastic browband ends (registered design)

Stubben Tipperary features:Double leather browband and nosebandSilver coloured fittingsRaised leather browband and noseband.Padded Noseband Comes with a pair of reins.

Made of full grain bridle leather of prime quality, bridle Leitrim boasts a softly padded headstall with integrated throatlash and straps for buckling on the noseband. The actual headstall is running above and along the padding. Thus a pile-up of material or chafing is avoided.

Delicate bridle with silver or brass-coloured fittings. Impresses with the subtle eleganceof its browband decorated with a continuous, round metal chain matching the colour ofthe fittings. The noseband has a colour-coordinated soft underpadding. Available invarious colours and sizes.Headstall: 29mm ...

Standard Stubben quality bridle that comes in either brown or back that has a crystal encrusted brow.

A standard Weymouth Bridle with the typical quality of Stubben products.Headstall 23mm, Cheeks 13mm, Throat strap 10mm. Extra delicate, particularly elegant double bridle, highly appreciated in any equestrian discipline. Brow and noseband come with a soft padding. A timeless classic among our ...

Stubben snaffle Freedom bridle designed for your horse's comfort.

A Weymouth bridle with a enlarged nose piece on a Stubben bridle. Comes with a pair of reins.

Bridle for Welsh ponies

A bridle of modern western design. Finished with plain leather reins. Available in black or brown.

A bridle of modern western design. Finished with plain leather reins. Available in black or brown.

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