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Horse Blankets

We stock a large collection of blankets for sale. Some of our brands of horse blankets and sheets include Blue Steel, Horze and Loco blankets. The turnout blankets and sheets you can find in store are made to fit almost any horse. We also have an article on horse blanket sizing that will help you pick the best blanket for your horse and enable you to order custom horse blankets. If you can't find what you looking for, contact us and we'll find it for you!


Pessoa perfection! Produced in collaboration with the Pessoa family , the Pessoa rugs bring the style and elegance associated with the brand into the world of horse clothing. This cotton daysheet features patented front clip fastenings, fleece wither pad, nylon shoulder insert to prevent rubbing ...

The name Pessoa conveys the highest standard in craftsmanship, quality, performance and style. Their rug collection is no exception. It brings with it enormous style and functionality. This sheet is ideal if your horse suffers in the summer from sweet itch. Also provides protection from flies and ...