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Double jointed pelham with lozenge. The lozenge encourages a softer contact. The lozenge eliminates a softer contact. The curb chain on this bit helps with control. A pelham also provides slightly more leverage as your normal snaffle. Can be used with rein connectors. Used for general riding.

The single jointed mouthpiece of this bit has a nutcracker action. This bit can be used with rein connectors. It provides slight poll action. The curb chain ensures greater control.

This hard rubber, flexible mouth pelham is made from stainless steel. The gentle mouthpiece can encourage some horses to lean. It is not suitable in horses with shallow-palated mouths. Ideally used with double reins - the curb rein applies poll pressure to lower the horse's head and curb groove ...


2230,00 R

Happy Mouth Pelham straight bar with curb chain.

Traditional pelham bit with lower port. Port ensures more space for the tongue. Action less severe than Pelham with high port. Recommended to be used with rein connectors. Can be used for general riding. Not permitted for dressage.

The port in this mouthpiece allows room for the tongue. This bit can be used with rein connectors. It provides slight poll action. The curb chain ensures greater control.

The traditiional pelham, made from stainless steel. For horses that don

It is different from other pelhams as the snaffle ring has been moved, to become a loose-ring connected via a small figure of eight. Its is made from stainless steel and is designed to nver bend or break. The action of the snaffle rein is more like that of a double bridle bridoon. Traditionally ...

Rolled Leather Snaffle Bridle

1000,00 R

Sprenger Duo bits are comfortable for horse's mouths because they allow more room for the tongue while encouraging chewing. These bits are flexible, yet extremely strong, with reinforced steel cable inside the mouthpiece. The bit has a 16 mm mouthpiece and 13.5 cm stainless steel cheeks, curb chain ...

It has elements of both a curb bit and a snaffle bit. In this respect a Pelham bit functions similar to a double bridle. A Pelham works on several parts of a horse's head, depending on which rein is applied.

Kimberwicke including curb chain, commonly used in general riding and provides more control on a horse that may be a strong puller or needs slight curb action to lower its head. It is quite common to see ponies wearing these bits.With either type of Kimblewick, the curb chain or strap prevents the ...