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Bits for horses and Ponies

We stock a large variety of types of equestrian bits including waterfords, pelhams, kimblewicks, weymouths, bradoons, gags, french links, ellipticals, hanging cheek, roller, fulmar and snaffles

Our brands of pony and horse bits include Stubben, Bombers, Sprenger as well as local brands like Saddle Up

We have a large range of bits for horses and our staff is on hand to help you decide which kind of bit is suited to your horse. Our 2nd hand section also boasts a wide variety of bits for sale at great prices. If you need more info we have an interesting article about the different kind of horse bits to assist you in your choice of bit for your horses, allowing you to buy your horse bits online knowing you picked the correct one. If you can's find the bit you are looking for, contact us and we'll find it for you.


A clever bit that allows you to use both sides of the buckle for different uses and to target different areas of the horse's mouth.

The Baucher Bit is ideal for dressage riders. It is the perfect intermediate bit between the Loose Ring Snaffle and the Weymouth Bit. This variation allows the rider to exert effective pressure on both the horse's mouth and the horse.

More effective aids due to leverage effect only in direction of pull.

This bit allows no pressure on the palate. Balanced weight distribution on tongue and jaw. Horses can easily be ridden on the bit. No nutcracker-effect. More forgiving to mistakes caused by a rider's strong hand or pulling on the reins

It has elements of both a curb bit and a snaffle bit. In this respect a Pelham bit functions similar to a double bridle. A Pelham works on several parts of a horse's head, depending on which rein is applied.

Bradoon bit with round rings. Normally used in a double bridle with a weymouth bit.

Eggbutt bradoon. A bit with smaller rings. Generally used in conjunction with a wheymouth as part of double bridle.

Optimal adaptation through the unique bit-design - flexibility on the sides. Enhanced effect with minimum pressure on the reins. Allows gentle and sensitive aids.

Double jointed loose ring snaffle bit. Its pleasant shape encourages acceptance andchewing.

Nose band and throat lash made of high quality leather. The anatomically shaped nose pad ensures a better fit on the bridge of the nose. Improved influence on the horse due to the special shape of the stainless steel lateral parts. The upper curved fastening slot prevents the leather strap of the ...

Kimberwicke including curb chain, commonly used in general riding and provides more control on a horse that may be a strong puller or needs slight curb action to lower its head. It is quite common to see ponies wearing these bits.With either type of Kimblewick, the curb chain or strap prevents the ...

The movable rings of the snaffle bit automatically ensure the correct position of the bit in the horse.

Weymouth bit with little freedom of the tongue. Includes curb chain.